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judy marston

Career Matchmaker & Resume Re-Inventioneer


My specialty is Career Design and Transition.  


For almost 20 years, I've helped my clients re-invent their skills, talents and experience into a strategic plan that allows them to build a more satisfying, rewarding and sometimes just plain "convenient" career! 


Then I design their marketing materials to more articulately answer the 'asks' of postings so they can step into jobs that align more with their long-term vision.

What's different about me from your average career coach is that I put the same heart and dedication into designing, defining and delivering your career story as I have my own!

And that's what makes my services ... and your results 


... Rise above the Rest!

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Located in Victoria, BC Canada

Available by phone, Skype, as well as in person


Tel: 250-888-7733


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*FIRST HALF HOUR FREE consults apply more to exploratory sessions to determine if we are a good fit for one of my longer term coaching packages, resume reinvention, job search and re-design, etc. Single instructional sessions with clear goals, such as interview prep, or previous EAP clients who have had numerous sessions with me already, may not be eligible for this special offer. 

URGENT RESUMES:  Also a note about those hoping I might be able to develop a full resume or do a major revamp within a few days to a week. This is rarely possible as I tend to do more of a coaching/resume building combo system, since most of my clients are going through some kind of career change or adjustment in their careers, and their resumes are not just an extension of what they did in the past.  I'm still happy to talk to you about your project, but always like to let people know this upfront as I know time can often be critical with application deadlines!  

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