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Fearless Networking for Introverts

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Join us for this exciting free 5-day Online Challenge to learn the secrets I've uncovered that will up your networking game passively, and allow you to locate and approach high-level insiders who can give you the key information you need to grow and develop your career. Without breaking a sweat! 


Most introverts avoid networking like the plague. But that can mean all the difference between a mediocre to blah career that you wish you could grow into something wonderful to one that truly rocks! Extroverts network without even thinking about it.  We introverts -- I know because I am one and these are my hard-learned tricks gained over 30 years of putting myself forward to design and deliver a career I love! 

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5-Week Program - Strike Gold in Your Networking Endeavors 

Once you know how to identify and reach out successfully to engage Sympatico Insiders who will help catapult your career into the stratosphere, it's time to shine up your communications to really let them know what you're capable of.  Introverts don't like bragging about themselves. And they're famous for hiding their light under a bushel.  I'll teach you ways to speak up in the way you prefer -- softly -- using written materials that make decision-makers stop and read what you're capable of. So you don't have to say a word!  

And everything I teach you transfers seamlessly into your resume, cover letter and interview preparation so you are ultra-efficient in getting yourself ready for the soft sales approach I've shared with hundreds of introverted clients to help them SHINE!

So let me ask you:  Is it your time to SHINE?

If you said YES!  Then click on the 'Inquire' button and I'll be in touch when all the details are confirmed.  I look forward to you joining us for this fun and eye-opening program in early 2020!

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URGENT RESUMES:  Also a note about those hoping I might be able to develop a full resume or do a major revamp within a few days to a week. This is rarely possible as I tend to do more of a coaching/resume building combo system, since most of my clients are going through some kind of career change or adjustment in their careers, and their resumes are not just an extension of what they did in the past.  I'm still happy to talk to you about your project, but always like to let people know this upfront as I know time can often be critical with application deadlines!  

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