I took my first Myers-Briggs Assessment when I was about 15.  And, since then, I've been fascinated with it and have shared it with thousands of people, clients, friends, and students. 

It's especially good for pin-pointing natural talents and ways of doing things that help relieve the stress that accompanies most of us in our workplaces, these days.

The closer you get to matching your job to your natural abilities, the less you'll be working against your own grain (stress) and the more enjoyment you'll experience.

Over many years, I've developed my own in-depth assessment review process to help people learn what makes them tick and align them to more potential sectors/jobs/career paths than most Myers-Briggs websites include.

You can also apply this new knowledge to friends, family and co-workers (and don't forget those tricky bosses!) to help make your lives and work more user-friendly!

For anyone considering a career change or first career design, it's a fantastic tool to help stave off the overwhelm from too many choices. 

As a basic life tool, if can help YOU learn more about YOU and that only assists in every aspect of life and work as it helps you know what works for you and what kinds of things will offer the best opportunities for success!

“I wanted to thank you so very much for your guidance and continued help while I was trying to find my way. I am excited for the change as it will be a completely different role and feel this is a positive move in the right direction. Our sessions helped me realize what I wanted and to go for it." 

-- Krystle Q (EAP – career) 

Judy - I'm so glad I'm working with you. I feel really hopeful about finding something great. For the first time I have the confidence to go out and find something that nourishes me creatively instead of just bringing home a paycheque!”  -- Penelope T. (EAP - career)

COMING SOON:  my own Myers-Briggs video questionnaire, developed over years of asking clients questions to ensure the closest match. These days, I find test results are often skewed due to the ramp up in our society and the general feelings most have around overwork and overwhelm in their lives. 

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*FIRST HALF HOUR FREE consults apply more to exploratory sessions to determine if we are a good fit for one of my longer term coaching packages, resume reinvention, job search and re-design, etc. Single instructional sessions with clear goals, such as interview prep, or previous EAP clients who have had numerous sessions with me already, may not be eligible for this special offer. 

URGENT RESUMES:  Also a note about those hoping I might be able to develop a full resume or do a major revamp within a few days to a week. This is rarely possible as I tend to do more of a coaching/resume building combo system, since most of my clients are going through some kind of career change or adjustment in their careers, and their resumes are not just an extension of what they did in the past.  I'm still happy to talk to you about your project, but always like to let people know this upfront as I know time can often be critical with application deadlines!  

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